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The DPH HIV Program is the lead agency for the coordination of HIV services statewide and collaborates with the Viral Hepatitis Program, STD Control Program, and the Injury and Violence Prevention Program to provide services to Connecticut residents to help improve the health of people dealing with HIV, STI, SUD and Viral Hepatitis by providing access to information and services.

Related Initiatives

  • Getting to Zero
  • Positive Prevention
  • In It To End It

Getting to Zero

The Connecticut Getting to Zero (G2Z) initiative was created to respond to the alarming trends in the HIV epidemic, with emphasis on the growing number of new cases of HIV in MSM (men having sex with men) of color, Black women and transgender women in urban centers where the epidemic is most concentrated: Hartford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Stamford. 

The goal of G2Z is for all people living with HIV (PLWH) to be diagnosed, receive medical care, and achieve viral suppression through HIV medication. PLWH who are virally suppressed remain healthy longer and are unlikely to spread the virus. Public health researchers estimate that at least 90% of all PLWH need to be virally suppressed to eliminate the HIV epidemic. 

Another goal is to eliminate new HIV cases. One way to make substantial gains in prevention is for individuals at high-risk for HIV to take daily medication referred to as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which prevents HIV from developing, even after exposure to the virus. Also, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can prevent infection in someone who was recently exposed to HIV. 

In 2017, The DPH Commissioner appointed a 23-member Commission to use a data driven process to develop a plan with statewide and city-specific recommendations on how to end the HIV epidemic in CT.

In 2017, the Connecticut G2Z Commission was charged with reviewing epidemiological data and programs, gathering  information in heavily impacted communities through listening sessions, and drafting a report to be released  December 2018, that outlines the needs, barriers, and recommendations for the ambitious goals of “Getting to Zero.” 

The G2Z objectives are: 

  • Zero new HIV cases 
  • Zero HIV related deaths 
  • Zero HIV stigma and discrimination

For more information, visit our website: Getting to Zero CT- Zero HIV Infection. Zero HIV Stigma. Zero HIV Deaths.

Positive Prevention CT Workgroup

The Positive Prevention CT Workgroup is a CT DPH initiative geared toward providing support for frontline staff affiliated with funded HIV Prevention agencies. Our mission is to help dispel HIV-related stigma and misinformation by creating innovative, thoughtful, and inspiring campaigns and promotional materials. The Positive Prevention CT Workgroup meets on the second Monday of every month. For more information please visit our website: Positive Prevention CT

In It To End It

The Ryan White Part A Program is leading the development of a plan to end the HIV epidemic in New Haven and Fairfield counties by 2030. Over the next year, we’ll be talking with people in New Haven, Waterbury, Bridgeport, Stamford/Norwalk, Danbury, and Hartford.

Ending HIV will start with tackling some very big, complex issues. We’ll need to have open and honest dialog about sex and sexuality, stigma, racism, substance use and other factors that put people at risk for getting HIV. Life challenges, like being homeless or having little food to eat, can keep people living with HIV from staying healthy and well.

Other conversations might be easier. People are living happier and healthy lives thanks to the medical and supportive services they receive. We’ve also been able to greatly reduce HIV among people who inject drugs. We want to build on these successes and create many more.

We’re in it to end it. Are you?

For more information, visit: In It to End It

If you’d like to directly reach out, please call 888-571-0001 x109 or click here.

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